What are the characters in Metroland movie

The characters in Metroland movie are
Joanna - Amanda (I) Ryan
Punk Girl - Lucy Speed
Herself - Narrator - Melissa (II) Berry
Marion - Emily (I) Watson
Girl at School Dance - Clare Wilkie
Annick - Elsa Zylberstein
Secretary - Kerry Burton
Amy - Bethan Fairbairn
Amy - Daisy Fairbairn
Herself - Clara Greed
Dave - Jonathan Aris
Mickey - Ifan Meredith
Chris - Christian Bale
One of The Subverts - Del Bartle
One of The Subverts - Gareth Batson
Woody - Brian Protheroe
Toni - Lee (I) Ross
Henri - Rufus (I)
Jacques - Boris Terral
Middle-Aged Commuter - Bill (III) Thomas
One of The Subverts - Brad Waissman
The Retired Commuter - John (I) Wood
One of The Subverts - Danny De Matos

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