What are the characters in Molly Crows movie

The characters in Molly Crows movie are
Jess's Mother - Samira Mohamed Ali
Party guest - Maura (I) Judges
Party Guest - Kiera Monk
Mrs. Robinson - Val Monk
Jackie Green - Carol Plant
Molly' Leigh - Layla Randle-Conde
Suzy - Natalie Redman
Molly' Leigh - Layla Randle-Conde
Suzy - Natalie Redman
Mandy - Alexandra Eve Tordoff
Puritan Ghost Child - Ellie (I) Bindman
Party Guest - Paula Birch
Ghost Child/Puritan - Ella Busow
Ghost child - Charlotte (I) Clifford
Ghost child - Meghan Clifford
Puritan - Eirian Cohen
Best friend - Mel Coudert
Puritan/Nurse - Ali Currey
Ghost Child - Lucy Flanaghan
Party Guest, Fit Victim - Charlie Diane Green
Gill - Katya Greer
DC Costello - Rachael (I) Harding
Extra/feature friend to main character - Gemma (III) James
Jess - Mercy Gaiger
Mike - Charlie Glossop
Nick - Bruce (XIII) Jackson
William - Aaron Jeffcoate
Alan - Daniel (VI) Jordan
Brian - Christopher Keddie
Chief Pathologist Dr. Wild - Klemens Koehring
Puritan - Stephen McDade
Party Member - Steve (II) Monk
Head Witchfinder - George (I) Newton
Male Nurse/Security - Brooklyn (I) Baker
Father O'Hara - Pete Noakes
DC Wells - Miles Rodziewicz
Witchfinder/hangman - Tony (I) Rotherham
Jimmy Robinson - James (I) Stuckey
Ghost Puritan - Mark (II) Sweet
Ghost Child - Natasha Eden Tordoff
Ghost child - Toby Turpin
Superintendent - Ernest Vernon
Puritan - Graham Cheadle
Witchfinder - Sam Cullingworth
Puritan - Richard (XIV) Douglas
Puritan - Liam M. Edwards

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