What are the characters in Mutiny Ahead movie

The characters in Mutiny Ahead movie are
Party Guest - Isabel La Mal
Kitty Vanderpool - Maidel Turner
Carol Bixby - Kathleen (I) Burke
Pirate Party Guest - Georgia Caine
Mimi - Noel (I) Francis
Glory Bell - Katherine (I) Jackson
Sailor - Victor (IV) Alexander
McMurtrie - Leon Ames
Kent Brewster - Neil (I) Hamilton
Dudley - Casino Proprietor - Boothe Howard
Sailor - Jack Irwin
Pirate Party Auctioneer - Eddie (I) Kane
Darby - Roger (II) Moore
Captain Martin - Reginald (I) Barlow
Sailor - Diver - Harry Tenbrook
Sassafras - Ray (I) Turner
Helmsman Wheeler - Monte Vandergrift
Waiter - Cliff Bergere
Dixon - Matthew Betz
Casino Manager - Lynton Brent
Party Guest - Jack (I) Byron
Sailor Wheeler - Diver - Jack Cheatham
Roulette Player - Jack Chefe
Stevens - Dick (I) Curtis
Sailor - Messenger - Lester Dorr
Barnes - Edward (I) Earle
Teeter Smith - Paul Fix

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