What are the characters in My Dream Is Yours movie

The characters in My Dream Is Yours movie are
Peggy - Iris Adrian
Vivian Martin - Eve Arden
Party Guest - Lois Austin
Polly - Jan Kayne
Party Guest - Joan (I) Lawrence
Ada Leonard - Ada Leonard
Blonde at Club Babita - Marion (I) Martin
Gary Mitchell Fan - Patricia Northrop
Cigarette Girl - Suzanne Ridgeway
Cigarette Girl - Suzanne Ridgeway
Freda Hofer - Selena Royle
Actress - Louise Saraydar
Party Guest - Joan Vohs
Party Guest - June Whipple
Party Guest - Eve Whitney
Fan Club President - Chili Williams
Party Guest - Mary (II) Bradley
Party Guest - Bridget (I) Brown
Elderly Actress - Belle Daube
Martha Gibson - Doris (I) Day
Mildred - Sandra (I) Gould
Photographer - Harold Gerard
Radio Announcer - Art Gilmore
Party Guest - Sam (II) Harris
Party Guest - Maynard Holmes
Uncle Charlie - Edgar Kennedy
Cab Driver - Jack (I) Kenney
Man Escorting Two Ladies in Dave's Green Room - Mike (I) Lally
Fred Grimes - Sheldon Leonard
Customer at Green Room - Carl M. Leviness
Recording Studio Employee - Jack Lomas
Hot Dog Vendor - Hank (I) Mann
Bartender - Stanley (II) Mann
Waiter at Green Room - Thomas (I) Martin
Fat Man at Club Babita - Paul Maxey
Thomas Hutchins - Adolphe Menjou
Cocoanut Grove Party Guest - Harold (I) Miller
Newsstand Customer - Jack Mower
Party Guest - George N. Neise
Party Guest - Rodney (I) Bell
Sourpuss Manager - Franklin Pangborn
Party Guest - John (I) Parrish
Man on Street - Jack (I) Perry
Party Guest - Tom (I) Quinn
Freddie - Duncan (I) Richardson
Felix Hofer - S.Z. Sakall
Photographer - Jeffrey Sayre
Car Salesman - Frank J. Scannell
Cocoanut Grove Party Guest - Charles (I) Sherlock
Cocoanut Grove Party Guest - Larry Steers
Hilliard - Ross Wesson
Waiter - Leo (I) White
Schwab's Counterman - Clifton (I) Young
Customer at Green Room - John (I) Berkes
Bugs Bunny/Tweety - Mel Blanc
Gary Mitchell - Lee (I) Bowman
Cocoanut Grove Party Guest - Paul (I) Bradley
Louie - Leonard Bremen
Richards - Kenneth Britton
Radio Station Engineer - Don Brodie
Man on Street - Ralph Brooks
Frankie Carle - Frankie Carle
Doug Blake - Jack (I) Carson
Jeff - Robert (I) Carson
Party Guest - Chester Clute
Coconut Grove Head Waiter - Tristram Coffin
Radio Voice - Edward Colmans
Cocoanut Grove Party Guest - James Conaty
Waiter - Marcel De la Brosse
Recording Studio Employee - Sayre Dearing
Party Guest - Dan (I) Dowling
Cocoanut Grove Party Guest - Charles (I) Ferguson
Coconut Grove Waiter - James Flavin
Orchestra Leader - Rudolf Friml Jr.

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