What are the characters in My Own Love Song movie

The characters in My Own Love Song movie are
Party Guest - Monica (I) Acosta
Mimie - Cary Alden
Angel Believer - Natasha "Sasha" Angelety
Nurse - Tammy Arnold
Suzie - Julia Lashae
Hotel Guest - Cynthia LeBlanc
Concert Go'er - Laurie (V) Lee
Tire Dealer's Wife - Chris (I) McGinn
Party Guest - Amy L. Mitchell
Angel Believer - Satin Mitchell
Nora - Annie Parisse
Devon's Mom - Andrea (I) Powell
Party Guest - Lyssa Prine
Party Guest - Lyssa Prine
Visiting Friend - AnneMarie Spizuoco
Party Guest - Joanna Theobalds
Partygoer - Sarah J. Thompson
Little Girl - Devon's Friend - Emma Gail Tooraen
Party Attendant - Elizabeth Tranchant
Parent - Lynette White-Pierce
Carol - Prudence Wright Holmes
Cinder Box - Prudence Wright
Jane Wyatt - Ren�e Zellweger
Billie - Madeline Zima
Nurse - Lynette Zumo
Police NOLA #2 - Maureen (II) Brennan
Hotel Front Desk Clerk - Scheryl W Brown
Varsity Head Cheerleader - Jamie Alyson Caudle
Waitress - Courtney James Clark
Guest - Daurice Cummings
Party Guest - Sarah Nicole Ellis
Concert Goer - Geraldine Glenn
Neighbor's Wife - Lara Grice
Party Guest - Robie Alan
Tire Salesman - Michael Arnona
Police Officer #1 - Jeff Galpin
TV Weatherman - Brooks Garner
Blues Club Patron - Russell M. Haeuser
Dr. 'JellyBean' Clark - Michael (III) Harding
Train Porter - Derek J. Harrison
Jeff Nofray - Richmond Hoxie
Hospital's Doctor - Tom Huff
Party Guest - Marc (III) Isaacs
Norah's Friend - Albert H. Bongard IV
Hotel Guest - Topher Jones
Dean - Elias (I) Koteas
Ben - Bill (I) Ladd
Oliver - Mark Lainer
Angel Believer - Don Mac
Devon's Father - Steve Bakunas
Police Officer #2 - Ameer Baraka
Cop From Jane's Hometown - Keith (II) Barber
Uncle Joseph - Philip Nolen
Caldwell - Nick Nolte
Hotel Guest - Jay (I) Oliver
Chris - Tim (I) Parati
Neighbor - Jay (I) Patterson
Bus Driver - Kelvin Payton
Dale - Del Pentecost
Policeman Who Helps Jane - Alec Rayme
Mike - Troy Rudeseal
Jeff Noffray's Manager - Mark Scarboro
Concert Go'er - Logan Douglas Smith
Jake - Terry Lee Smith
Jim - Don (I) Sparks
Hotel Guest - Antoine Spillers
Hotel Concierge - Joel Thingvall
Police Officer NOLA #3 - Adam Vernier
Bellboy in Hallway - Daniel (III) Vincent
Joey - Forest Whitaker
Grandpa - John (I) Wilmot
John - John (VI) Wilmot
Train Conductor - Michael Wozniak
Tom - Southey Blanton
Man in diner - Roger Blood
Devon's Friend - Harrison Boxley
Audience Member - Walter Breaux
Concert Attendee - Dane Brown
NOLA Police #1 - Marcus Lyle Brown
Pedestrian - Joshua Cardenez
Presenter - Jordan Carlos
Guest - Russ Clubb
Concert Goer - Edward R. Cox
Boss at the Rose Inn - John Henry Cox
Audience Member - Katrell Dixon
Dining Room Patron - Cy Fahrenholtz
Angry Motorist - Chris J. Fanguy
Allan - Joe Forbrich
Devon - Chandler Frantz

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