What are the characters in Neighbor movie

The characters in Neighbor movie are
Wedding Guest - Lisa (III) Kramer
Sam's Wedding Date - Lindsey Kruichak
Party Guest - Amanda Leahy
Betsy Cunningham - Megan (II) Madsen
Wedding Guest - Angela Marconi
Wedding Guest - Sally (I) Marsh
Wedding Guest - Jenna Masciantonio
Nancy Baker - Sarah McCarron
The Girl - America Olivo
Sophia Kane - Meredith Orlow
Wedding Guest - Elizabeth Otero
Elizabeth Hitchcock - Lauren Rooney
Elizabeth Hitchcock - Lauren Rooney
Party Guest - Stacy Rowe
Jenn Crawford - Amy (II) Rutledge
Wedding Guest - Michelle Santiago
Mrs. Spool - Mink Stole
Mrs. Shaye - Tracy (I) Toth
Wedding Guest - Nina Bena-Ashe
Party Guest - Jessica Yais
Janet Price - Angeline Zeigler
Wedding Guest - Tatiana Zuniga
Wedding Guest - Angela C. Dawney
Wedding Guest - Carissa DiGacomo
Wedding Guest - Angela DiGerolamo
Wedding Guest - Sophia Economon
Wedding Guest - Ashley M. Forsythe
Laurie Leigh - Giovanna Galdi
Wedding Guest - Linda (I) Giles
Linda Cunningham - Alexandra Golaszewska
Sam Landis - Joseph Aniska
Wedding Guest - Dimitri Goncharov
Officer Fife - Marlon Grace
Party Guest - Matt Imbrogno
Fran - Michael Joe Kneafsey
'Big' Paulie - Angelo J. Masciantonio
Party Guest - Michael J. Masciantonio
Kip Wellington - Robert A. Masciantonio
Wedding Guest - John McClay
Officer Felching - Mark (II) Meyers
Wedding Guest - Jamie Barelli
Party Guest - Joe Pavone
Wedding Guest - Jack Joseph Peffer
Mike Hodder - Pete Postiglione
Wedding Guest - Shawn (I) Poston
Party Guest - Jeff Schirmer
Party Guest - Andrew Shankweiler
Party Guest - Pery Shusterman
Party Guest - R. Emmett Sibley
Party Creep - Charles (VI) Smith
Tina Shaye - Natalie (I) Toth
Mister Softshoes - Thomas (III) Walton
Wedding Guest - Steve Zeigler
Party Guest - Nick 'Lazer' Bench
Party Guest - Josh (III) Bender
Party Guest - Adam (III) Bruce
Party Guest - Joe (I) Caldwell
Don Carpenter - Christian (I) Campbell
Wedding DJ - Christopher Carfagno
Party Guest - Jason (III) Chapman
Party Guest - Kevin Chester
Wedding Guest - Matthew J. D'Orazio
Wedding Guest - John (XI) Dunn
Wedding Guest - Keenan Eichmann
Daniel Cunningham - Stink Fisher

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