What are the characters in Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown movie

The characters in Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown movie are
Frat Party Girl - Lauren Alexandra
Receptionist - Stacey Asaro
Hot Chick - Bliss Kelley
Eve - Jillian (I) Murray
Dancer - Blaire Noonan
Young Woman - Taylor Roppolo
Young Woman - Taylor Roppolo
Stripper - Gabrielle Shuff
Waitress - Shamerick Simoneaux
Vale Newhouse - Laura Cayouette
Girl in Park that gets a kiss and gives her number - Margo Nicole Clark
Woman at Fight - Emily D. Haley
Lift Up Shirt Babe - Jeanine Hill
Frat Party Girl - Laura Muse Jackson
Mike Stokes - Dean Geyer
Rogul - Thayr Harris
Wrestling Patron - Zach Hartman
Crowd Member - Langdon Herrick
Wrestling Opponent - Garrett Hines
Coach - Craig Leydecker
Himself - Lyoto Machida
Martinez - Hans Marrero
Himself - 'Big' John McCarthy
Doctor - J. Patrick McNamara
Thug - Sam Medina
Zack Gomes - Alex (I) Meraz
Vince - Tracy (I) Miller
Fighter - Austin Naulty
Official Agent - Lance E. Nichols
Annoucer - Jon (VI) Bailey
Frankie - Gralen Bryant Banks
Kurt - Jeremy Palko
Max Cooperman - Evan (I) Peters
Club Patron - Phillip Rao
Amerature Fighter - James (III) Rawlings
Locker Room Trainer - Michael Patrick Rogers
Fight Dude - Aaron (I) Saxton
Bouncer 1 - Christopher Severio
Beatdown Patron - Tony Severio
Fighter 1 - Adam Sibley
Beatdown Patron - James Lesley Taylor
Sports Fan - Stephen Veronie
Boxer - Joe Washington III
Upperclassman - Dean J. West
Case Walker - Michael Jai White
Cop #1 - Mike (VII) Wilson
UFC Official - Preston Bishop
Caucasian Cop - Rus Blackwell
Fighter - Beau Brasseaux
D.J. Bravo - Eddie Bravo
Referee - Jude Cambise
Zack's Friend - Grant (I) Case
Cop - Trace Cheramie
Hispanic Cop - Gerardo Davila
Tim Newhouse - Todd Duffee
Irate Big man - Danny Epper
Justin Epstein - Scottie Epstein
Mike's Dad - J.D. Evermore
College Student - Alex Froman

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