What are the characters in Next Stop, Greenwich Village movie

The characters in Next Stop, Greenwich Village movie are
Party Guest - Rutanya Alda
Southern Girl - Carole Monferdini
Mrs. Tupperman - Rashel Novikoff
Doctor Marsha - Rochelle Oliver
Anita Cunningham - Lois (I) Smith
Old Lady on Street - Filomena Spagnuolo
Acting Student - Kandice Stroh
Faye Lapinsky - Shelley Winters
Connie - Dori Brenner
Acting Student - Annie Gagen
Ellen - Denise Galik
Sarah Roth - Ellen Greene
Herb's Wife - Helen Hanft
Marco - Gui Andrisano
Clyde Baxter - Jeff Goldblum
Herb - Lou Jacobi
Ben Lapinsky - Mike Kellin
Street Violinist - Rubin Levine
Old Poet - Joe (I) Madden
Casting Director - Paul Mazursky
Nick Kessel - Bill (I) Murray
Larry Lapinsky - Lenny Baker
Sid Weinberg - Casting Director - John C. Becher
Barney - John Ford Noonan
Party Guest - Stuart Pankin
Rent Party Guest - Vincent Schiavelli
Cop at El Station - Joe Spinell
Acting Student - Frankie Verroca
Robert Fulmer - Christopher Walken
Herbert Berghof - Acting Coach - Michael (II) Egan
Bernstein Chandler - Antonio Fargas
Mr. Elkins - Sol Frieder
Drugstore Customer - Milton Frome

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