What are the characters in Night Has a Thousand Eyes movie

The characters in Night Has a Thousand Eyes movie are
Maid - Dorothy Abbott
Miss Hendricks - Mary (I) Adams
Edna - Jean (I) King
Mother - Frances (I) Morris
Secretary - Renee Randall
Companion - Paula (I) Raymond
Secretary - Renee Randall
Companion - Paula (I) Raymond
Jean Courtland - Gail (I) Russell
Tumbler - Audrey (I) Saunders
Secretary - Amzie Strickland
Girl - Marie (I) Thomas
Young Chinese Woman - Anna Tom
Elderly Italian Woman - Minerva Urecal
Mrs. Byers - Gladys Blake
Cleaning Woman - Eleanore Vogel
Mother-in-Law - Regina Wallace
Young Chinese Woman - Jean (I) Wong
Jenny Courtland - Virginia Bruce
Secretary - Helen (I) Chapman
Newsstand Woman - Jane (I) Crowley
Companion - Julia Faye
Agnes - Margaret Field
Deb's Mother - Violet Goulet
Secretary - Marilyn (I) Gray
Secretary - Betty Hannon
Mr. Gilman - John (I) Alexander
MacDougall - Harry (I) Allen
Butler - Henry Guttman
Gowan - William Haade
Truckman - Frank Hagney
Deb's Father - Sam (II) Harris
Policeman - Len Hendry
Scientist - Stuart (I) Holmes
Policeman - Jerry (I) James
Policeman - Lyle Latell
Young Chinese Man - Weaver Levy
Elliott Carson - John (I) Lund
Chinese Waiter - Wong Artarne
Newsboy - Georgie Nokes
Frenchman Toto - Albert Pollet
Radio Announcer - Joey (I) Ray
John Triton - Edward G. (I) Robinson
Tumbler - Ray (I) Saunders
Tumbler - Russell (II) Saunders
Elderly Doorman - John (I) Sheehan
Dr. Ramsdell - Douglas (I) Spencer
Bertelli - Robert R. Stephenson
Dr. Walters - Onslow Stevens
Husband of Frantic Mother - Harland Tucker
Mr. Myers - Luis Van Rooten
Bookie - Philip Van Zandt
Peter Vinson - Richard (I) Webb
Melville Weston - Roman Bohnen
Policeman - Bill Burt
Tumbler - Walter Cook
Whitney Courtland - Jerome Cowan
Jailer - James (I) Davies
Lieut. Shawn - William Demarest
Mr. Byers - Lester Dorr
Policeman - Jim Drum
Policeman - Jimmie Dundee
Accident Witness - Edward (I) Earle
Man - Antonio Filauri
Policeman - Pat (I) Flaherty

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