What are the characters in North Dallas Forty movie

The characters in North Dallas Forty movie are
Party Guest - Garrie Kelly
Peggy - Kathleen Mary Larken
Party Guest - Sharyn Lee
Bunny Girl - Nanci Roberts
Bunny Girl - Nanci Roberts
Stewardess Twin - Michele Turner Wilson
Party Guest - Debbie (I) Turner
Party Guest - Michele (I) Turner
Mrs. Hartman - Deborah Benson
Joanne Rodney - Savannah Smith Boucher
Ruth - Jane (I) Daly
Party Guest - Lauren Jennifer Downing
Party Guest - Jasmine Gagnier
Charlotte Caulder - Dayle Haddon
March - Stanley Grover
Football Player - Martin Imhof
Football Player - Harold (III) Jackson
Locker Boy - Glenn-Michael Jones
Football Player - Louie Kelcher
Monsignor - Grant (I) Kilpatrick
Eddie Rand - Guich Koock
TV Announcer - Boyd Matson
O. W. Shaddock - John Matuszak
Balford - Alan Autry
Football Player - Michael (I) Ballew
Phillip Elliott - Nick Nolte
Assistant Trainer - Frank (II) O'Neill
Salesman - Kory Olson
Party Guest - Joe Portaro
TV Announcer - Ross (II) Porter
Delma Huddle - Tommy Reamon
Coach Waddy - Tom (I) Reese
Partridge - Jeff Severson
B. A. Strothers - G.D. Spradlin
Jo Bob Priddy - Bo Svenson
Referee - Don J. Berberet
Stallings - Jim (I) Boeke
Vip - John (I) Bottoms
Billy Fitch - Randall Braxtan
Doctor - Walter Brooke
Tony Douglas - Danny J. Bunz
Emmett Hunter - Dabney Coleman
Football Player - Ronnie L. Coleman
Art Hartman - Marshall Colt
Pete Peterson - Kevin (I) Cooney
Conrad - Rad Daly
Seth Maxwell - Mac (I) Davis
Coach Johnson - Charles Durning
Conrad Hunter - Steve (I) Forrest
Alcie Weeks - Doug (I) France
Rindquist - Tony (I) Frank
Monroe - Cliff (I) Frazier

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