What are the characters in Nurse Betty movie

The characters in Nurse Betty movie are
Joyce - Sheila (I) Kelley
Jasmine - Sung Hi Lee
Rosa's Mother - Irene Olga L�pez
Chief Nurse - Cynthia Martells
Gloria Walsh - Deborah (I) May
Chloe Jensen - Elizabeth (I) Mitchell
Waitress - Tina (I) Smith
Woman in Hotel - Hillary Straney
Rosa Hernandez - Tia Texada
Darlene - Susan (I) Barnes
Diner Waitress - Jenny Wade
Sue Ann Rogers - Kathleen Wilhoite
Grandmother - Lesley (I) Woods
Betty Sizemore - Ren�e Zellweger
Anchor - Elaine Corral Kendall
Mercedes - Jenny Gago
Woman at Bar - Michelle Carmen Gomez
Soap Opera Nurse - Stacy Haiduk
Woman Patient - Donna Hardy
Ellen - Harriet Sansom Harris
Lyla Branch - Allison Janney
Blake - Steven Gilborn
Roy Ostery - Crispin Glover
Deputy - Kelwin Hagen
Stagehand - Jack Jacobson
Cook - T.J. (I) Kennedy
Dr. David Ravell - Greg Kinnear
Sue Ann's Son - Toby Linz
Dr. Lonnie Walsh - Laird Macintosh
Duane Cooley - Christopher (I) McDonald
Studio Guard - Max (I) Murphy
Friend #1 - Kevin Rahm
Wesley - Chris (I) Rock
Grip - Paul Threlkeld
Doctor - Wayne Tippit
Ballard - Pruitt Taylor Vince
Gang Member - Jos� (I) V�squez
Grandfather - George (I) Wallace
Merle - Matthew Cowles
Friend #2 - Steven (I) Culp
Parking Valet - Josh Dotson
Del Sizemore - Aaron Eckhart
Administrator - Steve Franken
ER Doctor - Alfonso Freeman
Charlie - Morgan (I) Freeman

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