What are the characters in Nutbag movie

The characters in Nutbag movie are
Lollipop Hooker - Davia Ardell
Motel hooker - Jenesses Kenney
Girl in park - Jaclyn Long
Girl at mall - Danyel Makenna
Killer's mom - Carrie (I) McKinney
Elvis hooker - Alicia Murphy
Mandy - Renee Sloan
Hitchhiker - Megan Westendorf
Mystery woman - Mystery Woman
Elevator girl - Aurora Cornwall
Girl at mall - Shawna Edge
Pig Hooker - Mystery (I) Girl
Smoking hooker - Sally (I) Graham
Killer - Mack Hail
Himself - Heinrich (I)
Boyfriend - Ralph Hodge
Cab Driver - Alan Margolies
Apartment manager - Noel (I) Rodriguez
Guy in park - Ivo Shows
Young killer - Jessie DeRoock

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