What are the characters in Once in Paris... movie

The characters in Once in Paris... movie are
Party Guest - Marta Andras
Eve Carling - Tanya Lopert
Jean-Paul's Wife - Marthe Mercadier
Brady's ex-Wife - Doris (I) Roberts
Brady's ex-Wife - Doris (I) Roberts
Jean-Paul's Daughter - Nicole Teboul
Mme. Farny - Victoria Ville
Jean-Paul's Daughter - Marie-Caroline Carliez
Woman in Restaurant - Sylvaine Charlet
Girl in Car - B�atrice Chatelier
Lady in Park - Yvonne Gradelet
Susan Townsend - Gayle Hunnicutt
Abe Wiley - Cl�ment Harari
Jean-Paul Barbet - Jack Lenoir
Marcel Th?ry - Philippe (I) March
1st Man at Party - Yves Massard
2nd Chauffeur - Henri Attal
Desk Clerk - Patrick Aubr�e
Young Man at Party - Frank Peyrinaud
2nd Man at Party - Sady Rebbot
Michael Moore - Wayne (I) Rogers
2nd Waiter - Jean Jacques Rousselet
Party Guest - Chouky Sergent
Jean-Paul's Son - Michael Teboul
1st Chauffeur - Jacques Bouanich
Lars Brady - Matt (I) Carney
Brady's Friend - Jean-Jacques Charriere
Jean-Paul's Son - Edgar Croce
Mons. Farny - G�rard Croce
Bell Boy - St�phane Delcher
Man in Restaurant - Pierre Dupray
Freddie - Andr� Fetet
1st Waiter - Max Fournel
Party Guest - Manny Fuchs

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