What are the characters in Outlaugh! movie

The characters in Outlaugh! movie are
New Sentiments Greetings Reader/Mormon Polygamist Newcaster - Starr Ahrens
Hilga/Glory Hole - Nancy (I) Kissam
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Lilienne Li
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Sabrina (I) Matthews
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Karen (I) Ripley
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Karen (I) Ripley
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Jen (I) Slusser
Havana - Diana Yanez
Ann Coulter/Terri Schiavo/Junkie Jones/Lesbian Mother/Orgasm 3/Emcee/Herself - Nora (I) Burns
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Lea DeLaria
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Erin (I) Foley
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Stephanie (III) Howard
Herself - Stand-Up Comic - Page Hurwitz
Sissy Straight Guy #2/Mormon Polygamist Husband #2 - Alex (II) Garner
Lisp/Jeb - Kurt (II) Hall
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Andre Kelley
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Bob Koenig
Orgasm 2/Elda/Trevor Van Horne/Himself - Terrence Michael
Themselves - The Nellie Olesons
Sissy Straight Guy #3/Mormon Polygamist Husband #1/Brauny Man - Mike (I) Player
Husband #2/Phone Sex Caller/Sissy Straight Guy #3 - Mark Rakow
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Bob (VIII) Smith
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Jason (I) Stuart
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Charlie Vaughn
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Jerry Calumn
Orgasm 1/Patricia Arquette/Momma/Alan Van Horne/Himself - John (I) Cantwell
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Roy (I) Cruz
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Mark (VII) Davis
Himself - Stand-Up Comic - Jason Dudey

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