What are the characters in Palm Springs Weekend movie

The characters in Palm Springs Weekend movie are
Radio Operator - Dorothy Abbott
Party Guest - Candy Laird
Amanda North - Zeme North
Bunny Dixon - Stefanie Powers
Girl at Police Station - Judi Sherven
Girl at Pool - Dianne (I) Simpson
Girl at Pool - Margo Spinker
Gayle Lewis/Jane Hoover - Connie Stevens
Girl at Police Station - Dawn (I) Wells
Beatnick babe - Lesley-Marie Colburn
Ruth Stewart - Tina (I) Cole
Naomi Yates - Carole Cook
Girl at Pool - Allison Daniell
Shirley - Shirley Eder
Woman in Hotel Lobby - Bess Flowers
Yellow-Swimsuited Girl at Pool - Linda (I) Gray
Cora Dixon - Dorothy (II) Green
Girl Friend - Regina Groves
Girl at Pool - Kay (II) Hughes
Gabby - Robert Gothie
Boys' Club Leader - Dabbs Greer
Doug 'Stretch' Fortune - Ty Hardin
Man in Hotel Lobby - Sam (II) Harris
Doorman - Mike (I) Henry
Cop - Howard Hooker
Maitre d' - Shep Houghton
Fred - Gary (I) Kincaid
Fred - Fred Lerner
Henry Blanchard - Oliver McGowan
Warren - Sandy McPeak
Themselves - The Modern Folk Quartet
'Boom Boom' Yates - Bill Mumy
Toughguy - Roger (I) Bacon
Boy at Police Station - Jimmy (I) Bates
Police Officer - Marty (I) Ryan
Poker Dealer - Jeffrey Sayre
Dave - Jim Shane
Boy at Police Station - Ed (I) Shaw
Police Officer - Jack (I) Shea
Poker Dealer - Charles (I) Sherlock
Waiter - Rafael E. (I) S�nchez
Bus Driver - John Truax
Biff Roberts - Jerry Van Dyke
Card Player - Red West
Coach Fred Campbell - Jack Weston
Hap - Greg Benedict
Bugs Bunny Doll - Mel Blanc
Poker Player - Paul (I) Bradley
Police Sergeant - Taggart Casey
Jerry - Jerry Catron
Eric Dean - Robert (I) Conrad
Tough Guy - Richard (IV) Dalton
Tough Guy - Thomas M. Dalton
Mike - Mark (I) Dempsey
Muscleman - Nick Dimitri
Jim Munroe - Troy Donahue
Police Chief Dixon - Andrew (I) Duggan
Man at Bakery - Ted (II) Duncan
Louie - Louie Elias

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