What are the characters in Panther movie

The characters in Panther movie are
Rita - Jenifer Lewis
Alma - Nefertiti (I)
Singer at punk Panther - Shanice (I)
Dr. Betty Shabazz - Angela Bassett
Bernadette - Thyais Walsh
Mrs. Dowell - Ann Weldon
Pregnant junkie - Yolanda Whittaker
Kathleen Cleaver - Tracey Costello
Black Panther - Michele L. Jennings
Girl buying drugs - Jamie (I) Johnson
Mr. Yang - Ralph Ahn
Berkeley campus singer - Robbie (I) Allen
Berkeley campus singer - Eddie Anisko
Prosecutor - Steven M. Gagnon
Recruit - John 'Boo Boo Brown' Gordon
Patrolman - David Greenlee
Rev. Slocum - Dick (I) Gregory
Eldridge Cleaver - Anthony Griffith
Judge - Kadeem Hardison
Cop at lineup - John (II) Harwood
Black Panther - Christopher Michael Holley
Prison guard - Preston L. Holmes
Sabu - Anthony (I) Johnson
Bobby Hutton - Wesley Jonathan
Berkeley campus singer - David L. King
Cop at Panther office - John (II) Knight
Gov. Ronald Reagan - Jay Koch
Nervous cop - Erik Kohner
Band at barbecue - Vincent Lars
Avakian - James Le Gros
Reporter at Capitol - Tim Loughrin
Reporter at police station - Christopher (I) Michael
Jamal - Kool Moe Dee
Police Officer - Ralph Moratz
Boy on bike - Kahlil Nelson
Band at barbecue - Elijah (I) Baker
Brimmer - Joe Don Baker
Brother at meeting - Reginald Ballard
Guard at Capitol - Tony (I) Beard
Juror - Paul Becque
Band at barbecue - Bill Ortiz
Shorty - Manny Perry
Cop at Ramparts - Robert (I) Peters
Cop at gas station - Gunnar (I) Peterson
Cop - John Poague
Black cop - Jeris Poindexter
Hippie - Adam (I) Powers
Blind man - Arthur (II) Reed
Band at barbecue - Timothy C. Riley
Band at barbecue - Timothy G. Riley
Yuck Mouth - Chris (I) Rock
Defense attorney - Jerry (I) Rubin
Berkelely campus singer - Rob (I) Rule
Rodgers - James (I) Russo
Matty - Roberto (I) Santana
Student - Barie Scardapane
Student - Dario Scardapane
Emory Douglas - Brent (I) Schaefer
Bakar - L. Sidney
Poet - Sharrif Simmons
Courtroom judge - Brent Sincock
Band at barbecue - John T. (I) Smith
Pruitt - Roger Guenveur Smith
Cop - John (I) Snyder
Gene McKinney - Lahmard J. Tate
Bodyguard - Chris (I) Tucker
Deputy - Brian Turk
Cy - Tyrin Turner
Stokely Carmichael - Mario Van Peebles
Old jailbird - Melvin Van Peebles
Bobby Seale - Courtney B. Vance
Dorsett - M. Emmet Walsh
George - Steven Carl White
Band at barbecue - Dwayne P. Wiggins
Tynan - Michael Wincott
Hoover's aide - Beau (I) Windham
Tyrone - Bokeem Woodbine
Recruit - Marvin (II) Young
Grove Street cop - James Bigwood
Partner - William Martin Brennan
Grove Street cop - Martin (I) Bright
Rose - Bobby (I) Brown
Pushy reporter - Mark Buntzman
Denzil Dowell - Jeff Obafemi Carr
Huey Newton - Marcus Chong
Sheriff - Charles (I) Cooper
Baby-faced cop - Joseph Culp
Charles Garry - Robert Culp
Lombard - Mark (I) Curry
J. Edgar Hoover - Richard (I) Dysart
Angry cop - James A. Earley
Raymond 'Masai' Hewitt - Patrick Faucette
Sgt. Schreck - William (I) Fuller

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