What are the characters in Parasomnia movie

The characters in Parasomnia movie are
Sara - Janet Tracy Keijser
Sales Clerk - Christine Krench
Anne Sloan - Danielle Langlois
Jane Walker - Anita Moser
Nurse Margaret Evans - Kathryn Leigh Scott
Girlfriend - Nicole Stern
Laura Baxter - Cherilyn Wilson
Madeline Volpe - Sean (I) Young
Darcy - Alison Brie
Mother - Ruby (IV) Brown
Miranda - Katherine Carlsberg
Young Nurse - Serah (I) D'Laine
Young Laura Baxter - Madison (I) Davenport
Julia - Andrea Dueso
Nurse Receptionist - Mekita Faiye
Monja - Susana (XIV) Fern�ndez
Madre Julia - Vanessa Garc�a Marx
TV Field Reporter - Veronica (I) Hart
Mrs. Mulliner - Valorie Hubbard
Jack - James (IV) Adamson
Medical Tech 1 - David (VI) Albert
Man in hallway with camera - Enzo Giobbe
Dr. Egon Bhyle - Louis Graham
Julia ni?a - Nerea (I) G�mez
Stranger - Ronald (I) Hunter
Mr. Boudreau - Marty (I) Ingels
Byron Volpe - Patrick Kilpatrick
Dept. Store Manager - John (I) Landis
Police Officer in the Hall - Sean (I) McHugh
Police Officer - Ricardo Medina Jr.
Medical Tech 2 - Zachary Medway
Enfermera - Isabel (III) Moreno
Phil - Philip Newby
Young Danny Sloan - Brennan Bailey
Bre?at - Eugenio Barona
Medical Tech - Matt (I) O'Neill
Adri?n - Dani Paz
Branch Horridian - Walter Phelan
Interno - Antonio Jose Plaza
News Reporter - Dylan Poole
Danny Sloan - Dylan (I) Purcell
Field Reporter - Leo Quinones
Alleyway Gun Dealer - Charles (II) Schneider
Himself - Kent Shocknek
Head of Security - Malcolm Foster Smith
Billy Dornboss - Dov Tiefenbach
Record Store Owner - David Ury
Dr. Peter Ruric - Eric Valente
Dr. Emil Corso - Timothy Bottoms
Det. Garrett - Jeffrey Combs
Det. Conroy - Jeff (I) Doucette

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