What are the characters in Piedone d\'Egitto movie

The characters in Piedone d\'Egitto movie are
Connie - Cinzia Monreale
Elver Zakar - Adel Adham
The Swede - Karl-Otto Alberty
Assan - Angelo Infanti
Barns - Robert Loggia
Coppola's Pal/Hassan's Thug - Giancarlo Bastianoni
Temple's Guard - Osiride Pevarello
Salvatore Coppola/Hassan's Thug - Riccardo Pizzuti
Inspector Rizzo - Bud Spencer
Cerullo - Leopoldo Trieste
Temple's Guard/Hassan's Thug - Marcello Verziera
Caputo - Enzo Cannavale
Don Carmine's Body Guard - Giovanni Cianfriglia
Bodo - Baldwyn Dakile

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