What are the characters in Polygamy movie

The characters in Polygamy movie are
Ruth Miller/Ann Miller, her mother - Ann Marian
Lucy Smith - Matari
Fourth Sister - Helen Pennington
Sarah Blackton - Emilie Straub
Third Sister - Edythe Vosburgh
Sister Myra Smith - Ethel Clark
Rose Smith - Haidee Clayton
First Sister - Opal Colton
Second Sister - Ethel Desmond
Pa Blackton - Franklyn Garland
Bishop Ross Miller - Charles Maurice
District Attorney - Jack (I) McKee
Brother Lank Smith - Slim Simms
Esau - Robert R. Stephenson
Storekeeper - William C. (I) Thompson
Jim Blackton - Bruce (I) Wyndham
Jig - Ted (I) Edwards
Clem - Richard Erskine

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