What are the characters in Prom Ride movie

The characters in Prom Ride movie are
Leah - Victoria Levine
Sienne - Joi (I) Liaye
Boutique Customer - Tracy "Stresh" Mcnulty
Crowd person - Andascha Moore-Pryor
Junie - Deanna Pak
Priscilla - Ariella Rose
Priscilla - Ariella Rose
Leah's Mom - Robin Van Auken
Alejandra - Heather Paige Cohn
Female Detective - Theresa Ireland
Waiter - Greg Gilardi
Chauffeur/Vain - Omar Gooding
Kennedy - Noah Nevins
Parker - Joseph (II) Rich
Vain - Daveon St.Claire
Male Detective - Lincoln Testro
Wale - Byron (II) Thomas

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