What are the characters in Proof of Life movie

The characters in Proof of Life movie are
Pamela - Rowena (I) King
Ivy - Margo Martindale
Linda - Flora (I) Mart�nez
Norma - Norma (I) Mart�nez
Janis Goodman - Pamela (I) Reed
Janis Goodman - Pamela (I) Reed
Alice Bowman - Meg Ryan
Notary - Yolanda (I) Vazquez
Ginger - Claudia Dammert
Cinta - Sarahi Echeverr�a
Cara - Laura (I) Escobar
Maria - Vicky (I) Hern�ndez
Master of Ceremonies - Alonso Alegr�a
Jerry - Stanley Anderson
Wyatt - Alun Armstrong
Bank Official - Stefan Gryff
Terry's Son - Merlin Hanbury-Tenison
Ted Fellner - Anthony Heald
ELT Officer - Miguel (I) Iza
Eric Kessler - Gottfried John
Ian Havery - Michael (I) Kitchen
Trial Honcho - Pedro Mart�nez Laya
Berto - Jorge (II) Medina
Peter Bowman - David (I) Morse
Pierre Lenoir - Gerard Naprous
Russian Colonel - Aleksandr Baluev
Mono - Sandro Bellido
Sandro - Arist�teles Picho
Tomas - Ra�l (II) Rodr�guez
Chechen Leader - Said K. Saralijen
Russian Sergeant - Dmitriy Shevchenko
Juaco - Pietro Sibille
Trial Honcho - Wolframio Sinu�
Arturo Fernandez - Mario Ernesto S�nchez
Raymo - Gilberto (I) Torres
Eliodoro - Diego Trujillo
Fred/Marco - Tony (I) Vazquez
Terry's Driver - Zbigniew Zamachowski
Carlos - Carlos (I) Blanchard
Nino - Jaime (I) Zevallos
Alex - Marco (I) Bustos
Lord Luthan - Michael (I) Byrne
Trial Honcho - �scar (I) Carrillo
Dino - David (I) Caruso
Rambo - Alejandro Cordova
Terry Thorne - Russell Crowe
Rico - Mauro Cueva
Calitri - Roberto Frisone

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