What are the characters in Prowl movie

The characters in Prowl movie are
Paula - Amy Jo Larsen
Amber's Mom - Laurel Lefkow
Creature 3 - Elitsa Razheva
Creature 3 - Elitsa Razheva
Rosalie - Davin Ruggles
Veronica - Saxon Trainor
Fiona - Perdita Weeks
Susie - Ruta Gedmintas
Amber - Courtney (II) Hope
Eric - Oliver Hawes
Creature 1 - Radoslav Ignatov
Keith - Michael (XCIII) Johnson
Mountain Man - Tim (II) Maloney
Runt - George (IV) Oliver
Bernard - Bruce (I) Payne
Creature 4 - Velizar Peev
Bryan - Liam Ruggles
Tranny Junkie - Alexander Spasova
Max - Atanas Srebrev
Dirty Man - Anton Trendafilov
Ray - Jamie Blackley
Peter - Josh (IV) Bowman
Junkie - George Zlatarev
Creature 2 - Dimiter Doichinov
Roman - Phil Duran

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