What are the characters in Rain Man movie

The characters in Rain Man movie are
Bank Officer - Elizabeth Lower
Woman at Pancake Counter - Blanche Salter
Nurse - Donna J. Dickson
Susanna - Valeria Golino
Mother at Farm House - Beth Grant
Lady at Blackjack Table - Nanci M. Harvey
Sally Dibbs - Bonnie Hunt
Iris - Lucinda Jenney
Dr. Bruner's Secretary - Loretta Wendt Jolivette
Police Officer at Accident - Michael C. (II) Hall
Police Officer at Accident - Robert W. Heckel
Raymond Babbitt - Dustin Hoffman
Boy at Pancake Counter - Jake (I) Hoffman
Minister at Funeral - Donald E. Jones
Police Officer at Accident - W. Todd Kenner
Doctor - Barry (I) Levinson
Guard in Video Room - Kenneth E. Lowden
Las Vegas Crooner - Jocko Marcellino
Autistic Pianist - Matthew (I) Mattingly
Blackjack Dealer - Nick (I) Mazzola
Dr. Bruner - Gerald R. Molen
Wallbrook Patient Entering TV Room - William Montgomery Jr.
John Mooney - Jack (I) Murdock
Mr. Kelso - Ray (I) Baker
Amarillo Hotel Owner - Kneeles Reeves
Man on Wallbrook Road - Earl Roat
Vern - Michael D. Roberts
Small Town Doctor - Kim Robillard
Floorman - Sam (I) Roth
Lenny - Ralph Seymour
Shift Boss - Ralph Tabakin
Train Conductor - John Thorstensen
Airport Security Guard - Aaron Weiler
Restaurant Patron - Mark (II) Winn
Car Driver - Richard A. Buswell
Pit Boss - Ralph M. Cardinale
Man in Waiting Room - Byron P. Cavnar
Irate Driver - Jack W. Cope
Charlie Babbitt - Tom Cruise
Farm House Kid - Andrew Dougherty
Farm House Kid - Dolan Dougherty
Farm House Kid - John-Michael Dougherty
Farm House Kid - Marshall Dougherty
Farm House Kid - Patrick (I) Dougherty
Farm House Kid - Peter (I) Dougherty
Pit Boss - Isadore Figler

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