What are the characters in Revolutionary Road movie

The characters in Revolutionary Road movie are
Party Guest - Heidi Armbruster
Maureen Grube - Zoe Kazan
Woman in theater audience - Amy LaBossiere
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Racheline Maltese
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Cristina Marie
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Adair Moran
Party Dancer - Gena (I) Oppenheim
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Kelsey Robinson
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Kelsey Robinson
Party Dancer - Maria Rusolo
Aunt Claire - Henny Russell
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Bethann Schebece
Jennifer Wheeler - Ryan (I) Simpkins
Party Guest - Samantha Soule
Other Actor in the Play - Jo Twiss
Party Dancer - Allison Twyford
Mrs. Givings - Kathy (I) Bates
Knox Receptionist - Chandler Vinton
April Wheeler - Kate Winslet
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Isabella Zubor
Mrs. Brace - Kristen (II) Connolly
Woman in Audience - Catherine Curtin
Beachgoer - Mary DeBellis
Party Dancer - Kathryn (II) Dunn
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Emaline Green
Milly Campbell - Kathryn Hahn
Schoolgirl - Zoe Hartman
Party Guest - Marin Ireland
Train Commuter - Paul Rocco Amato
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Tommaso Antico
Passenger on Train - David (I) Gere
The Steve Kovac Band - Vince Giordano
Other Actor in the Play - Frank (I) Girardeau
Shep Campbell - David (I) Harbour
The Steve Kovac Band - Alex (III) Hoffman
Vito's Bar Patron - Rob L. Hubbard
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Lauren Hubbell
Steve Kovac - Duffy Jackson
Algonquin Hotel Drinker - Andrew Kaempfer
The Steve Kovac Band - Jon-Erik Kellso
Party Dancer - Joe Komara
Socialite - Mark A. Langston
Commuter - Sean Marrinan
Campbell Kid - Dylan Clark Marshall
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Justin Misenhelder
Party Guest #13 - Chris Miskiewicz
Knox Employee - Jared Morrison
Other Actor in the Play - Adam Mucci
Beachgoer - Joel Ney
Jack Ordway - Dylan (I) Baker
Vince Lathrop - Max (I) Baker
Campbell Kid - Kevin (I) Barton
Campbell Kid - Peter (X) Barton
Mr. Brace - John Behlmann
Other Actor in the Play - John (I) Ottavino
Ted Bandy - Keith Reddin
Party Guest - Sam (V) Rosen
Party Guest - Jonathan Roumie
American Express Clerk - Jon Sampson
Bart Pollock - Jay O. Sanders
The Steve Kovac Band - Will Sanderson
Boy in Audience of Play - Andrew (I) Seddon
John Givings - Michael (V) Shannon
Michael Wheeler - Ty Simpkins
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Kal Thompson
Commuter/Businessman - Vladimir Troitsky
Maitre d' of Essex House Resturant - Guy Veryzer
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Will Vought
Townsperson - Ted Yudain
Party Hipster - Jon Yvon
The Steve Kovac Band - Dan (I) Zanes
Party Guest - Neal Bledsoe
The Steve Kovac Band - Andrew (I) Burton
Vito's Log Cabin Bartender - David (XVII) Campbell
Ed Small - Max Casella
Husband of Woman in Audience - Michael Ciesla
Diner Patron - Peter Conboy
Campbell Kid - Evan Covey
Knox Elevator Operator - Dan Da Silva
Frank Wheeler - Leonardo DiCaprio
Mr. Givings - Richard (II) Easton
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer - Jason Etter
Bar Patron - Jay Ferraro
Beachgoer - Henning Fischer
Party Guest - Christopher (I) Fitzgerald

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