What are the characters in Rhythm on the River movie

The characters in Rhythm on the River movie are
Party Guest - Mary Akin
Patsy Flick - Phyllis Kennedy
Cherry Lane - Mary (I) Martin
Party Guest - Jean (I) Phillips
Aunt Delia - Helen Bertram
Westlake's Receptionist - Janet Waldo
The Cook - Evelyn West
Party Guest - Florence Wix
Country cousin - Jeanne Cagney
Irish Landlady - Mary Cecil
Millie Starling - Lillian Cornell
Westlake's Receptionist - Pauline Haddon
Party Guest - Beth Hartmen
Uncle Caleb - Charley Grapewin
Detective - Robert Homans
Bates - Brandon (I) Hurst
Trotter's Manager - Richard (I) Keene
Party Guest - Douglas (I) Kennedy
Bernard Schwartz - Charles (I) Lane
Billy Starbuck - Oscar Levant
Wingy - Band Member - Wingy Manone
Train Announcer - Charles McAvoy
Party Guest - Bert Moorhouse
Party Guest - Clive (I) Morgan
Bass Sax player - Harry Barris
Bob's Cabbie - Jack (III) Pepper
Oliver Courtney - Basil Rathbone
Party Guest - Cyril Ring
Party Guest - Ronald R. Rondell
Pawnbroker - Christian Rub
Charlie Goodrich - Oscar (I) Shaw
Himself - John Scott Trotter
Cherry's Cabbie - Max (I) Wagner
Doorman - George (I) Walcott
Uncle John - Pierre Watkin
Elevator Boy - William 'Billy' Benedict
Mr. Schwartz's Stooge #1 - Don Brodie
Teddy Gardner (announcer) - Ken (I) Carpenter
Bob Sommers - Bing Crosby
Mr. Schwartz' Stooge #2 - Barney Dean
Headwaiter - Edward (I) Emerson
Detective - James Flavin
Mr. Westlake - William Frawley

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