What are the characters in Rocky II movie

The characters in Rocky II movie are
Doctor Cooper - Rutanya Alda
White Hunter - Garrie Kelly
White Hunter - Ava Lazar
Reporter - Tawny Little
Mary Anne Creed - Sylvia Meals
Ring Girl - Taaffe O'Connell
Reporter - Velvet Rhodes
Gloria - Jane Marla Robbins
Reporter - Velvet Rhodes
Gloria - Jane Marla Robbins
Adrian's Nurse - Fran Ryan
Ring Girl #2 - Brenda Siemer Scheider
Adrian - Talia Shire
Jewelry Sales Lady - Ruth Ann Flynn
Agent - Linda (II) Grey
Child - Melissa (V) Hart
Agent - Leonard Gaines
Emergency Room Aide - Grainger Hines
Singer - Robert Kondyra
Ringside Color Announcer - Tom (I) Lawrence
Young Lugger - Ren� Le Vant
Car Salesman - Joseph Letizia
Fighter - Eddie 'El Annimal' Lopez
Young Patient - Paul McCrane
Meat Foreman - Frank McRae
Reporter - Sonny Melendrez
Mickey - Burgess Meredith
Father Carmine - Paul Micale
Employment Manager - Earl (I) Montgomery
Boxer - Tony Munafo
Reporter - Brent Musburger
Announcer - Stu Nahan
Employment Manager - Herb Nanas
Timekeeper - Ed (I) Ness
Commentator - Bill (II) Baldwin
Lawyer - Fred Pinkard
Director - John Pleshette
Reporter - Hank Robinson
Johnny - Stuart K. Robinson
Cornerman - Hank Rolike
Reporter - David L. Ross
Sound Man - Whitney Rydbeck
Employment Manager - Shepherd Sanders
Cutman - Al Silvani
Gazzo - Joe Spinell
Dog - Butkus Stallone
Singer - Frank (I) Stallone
Robert 'Rocky' Balboa Jr. - Seargeoh Stallone
Rocky Balboa - Sylvester Stallone
Ring Announcer - Jeff Temkin
Makeup Man - Allan Warnick
Apollo Creed - Carl (I) Weathers
Job searcher - Chino 'Fats' Williams
Camera Assistant - Charles Winkler
Paulie - Burt (I) Young
Emergency Room Reporter - James Zaza
Singer - James Zazzarino
Lawyer - Taurean Blacque
Salesman - Jerry Ziesmer
Extra - Ted Braverman
Apollo's Trainer - Tony (I) Burton
Chink's Manager - James J. Casino
Singer - Charles 'Honi' Coles
Cornerman - Shaka Cumbuka
Apollo's Bodyguard - Samuel (I) Davis
Fighter - Roberto (I) Dur�n
Reporter - James Emery
Referee - Lou Fillipo
Singer - Doug Flor

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