What are the characters in Rocky III movie

The characters in Rocky III movie are
Singer - Patti Negri
Adrian - Talia Shire
Woman in Gym - Sasha Czack
Clubber's Cornerman - Fran�ois (I) Andr�
Wrestling Referee - Ray Gedeon
Police - Mickey Gilbert
Police - James M. Halty
Wrestling Commentator - Jim (I) Healy
Himself - Tony (II) Hernandez
Sportscaster - Jim (I) Hill
Thunderlips - Hulk Hogan
Police - Billy Hank Hooker
Wrestling Commentator - Dennis (I) James
Opponent - Melvin (I) Jones
Bar Patron - Tom (I) Lawrence
Challenger - Julius LeFlore
Title Announcer - Jimmy Lennon Sr.
Challenger - Carey Lindley
Opponent - Tom (I) Lupo
Interviewer - Mario (I) Machado
Mickey Goldmill - Burgess Meredith
Challenger - Bob (I) Minor
Doctor - John David Morris
Clubber Lang - Mr. T
Title Rematch Commentator - Stu Nahan
Special Appearance - LeRoy Neiman
Title Rematch Commentator - Bill (II) Baldwin
Challenger - Ray Notaro Jr.
Opponent - George O'Mara
Challenger - Rex Pierson
Andy - Don (I) Sherman
Al - Al Silvani
Clubber's Cornerman - Eddie (I) Smith
Opponent - J.D. (I) Smith
Singer/Opponent - Frank (I) Stallone
Rocky Balboa - Sylvester Stallone
Challenger - Clifford Strong
Challenger - Charles A. Tamburro
Extra - Jeffrey L. Tandy
Clubber's Manager - Wally Taylor
Rematch Ring Announcer - Jeff Temkin
Police - Fred Waugh
Apollo Creed - Carl (I) Weathers
Derelict - Chino 'Fats' Williams
Paulie - Burt (I) Young
Rabbi - Philmore Berger
Sparring Partner - Big Yank
Extra - Rusty 'Gravestone' Bolin
Opponent - Roger Braxton
Opponent - Alex (III) Brown
Challenger - Jophery C. Brown
Challenger - Tony Brubaker
Duke - Tony (I) Burton
Opponent - David Cadiente
Police - Clarke Coleman
Challenger - Gilbert B. Combs
Mayor - Gene Crane
Title Referee - Marty Denkin
Opponent - David R. Ellis
Challenger - Jason Felice
Rematch Referee - Lou Fillipo
Rocky Jr. - Ian (I) Fried

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