What are the characters in Rocky V movie

The characters in Rocky V movie are
Marie - Jodi Letizia
Reporter - Diana (II) Lewis
Woman in Dressing Room - Katharine Margiotta
Drinker - Susan Persily
Jewel - Elisebeth Peters
Russian Woman - Carol A. Ready
Gloria - Jane Marla Robbins
Reporter - Cindy Roberts
Russian Woman - Carol A. Ready
Gloria - Jane Marla Robbins
Reporter - Cindy Roberts
Karen - Delia Sheppard
Adrian - Talia Shire
Kissing Girl - Gina Marie Turcketta
Woman Drinker - Helena Carroll
Delivery Girl - Jennifer Flavin
Delivery Girl - Julie Flavin
Delivery Girl - Tricia Flavin
Jimmy - Jimmy Gambina
George Washington Duke - Richard Gant
Boxer - Alex (I) Garcia
Cab Driver - Ben Geraci
Timmy - Bob Giovane
Boxer - Eric Hedgeman
Boxer - Charles (II) Hines
Conference Reporter - Stanley R. Hochman
Boxer - Clay Hodges
Boxer - Curtis (II) Jackson
Boxer - Dale Jacoby
Reporter - Kent H. Johnson
Boxer - Kerry Judge
Reporter - Jon Kuyper
Boxer - Jeff Langton
Neighbor #1 - Kurt Leitner
Boxer - Billy D. Lucas
Ivan Drago - Dolph Lundgren
Las Vegas Announcer - Meade Martin
Reporter - Troy (I) Martin
Conference Reporter - Albert S. Meltzer
Mickey Goldmill - Burgess Meredith
Father Carmine - Paul Micale
Boxer - Paul Dion Monte
Tommy 'Machine' Gunn - Tommy (I) Morrison
Drinker - Tony Munafo
Benson - Albert J. Myles
Fight Commentator - Stu Nahan
Fight Announcer - LeRoy Neiman
Druggy - Christopher Avildsen
Druggy - Jonathan Avildsen
Boxing Fan - Raymond Michael Bell
Boxer - Richard C. Oprison
Nicoli Koloff - Michael Pataki
Reporter - Brian (I) Phelps
Doctor - Ben (I) Piazza
Tommy's Title Fight Cornerman - Kevin (III) Rooney
Boxer - Joe Sabatino
Boxer - Billy D. Saunders
Boxer - Mel Scott-Thomas
Conference Reporter - Robert (I) Seltzer
Merlin Sheets - Mike (II) Sheehan
Andy - Don (I) Sherman
Conference Reporter - Elmer (I) Smith
Rocky Balboa Jr. - Sage Stallone
Rocky Balboa - Sylvester Stallone
Chickie's Pal - Hayes Swope
Extra - Jeffrey L. Tandy
Reporter - Mark (II) Thompson
Contender #1 - Henry D. Tillman
Cop #1 - John (I) Timmons
Drinker - Bob (I) Vasquez
Contender #2 - Stan (I) Ward
Boxer - Del Weston
Union Cane - Michael Anthony Williams
Conference Reporter - Lauren K. Woods
Drinker - Richard 'Dub' Wright
Paulie - Burt (I) Young
Fight Commentator - Al (I) Bernstein
James Binns (Rocky's Lawyer) - James (I) Binns
Fight Promoter - Nicky (I) Blair
Russian reporter - Robert M. Bouffard
Boxer - Kevin Bucceroni
Fight Announcer (3rd Fight) - Michael Buffer
Duke - Tony (I) Burton
Boxing Match Attendee - G. Larry Butler
Drinker - John (I) Cahill
Reporter - Paul (I) Cain
Referee - Frank Cappuccino
Conference Reporter - John P. (I) Clark
Motorcycle Mechanic - Clifford C. Coleman
Drinker - Gary Compton
Chickie - Kevin (I) Connolly
Dr. Rimlan - Patrick (I) Cronin
Boxer - John D'Martin
Boxer - Danny Epper
Referee - Lou Fillipo
Boxer - Rodney (I) Frazier

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