What are the characters in Rose of Death movie

The characters in Rose of Death movie are
Little Girl - Jenasiy Alfonso
Maria - April Arata
Party Guest - Lori (I) Kay
Rose - Sarah (I) McGuire
Mel - Tamera L. Miyasato
Kim - Gillian (II) Page
Funeral Reception Attendee - Sherri Pucci
Party Guest - Tonya Root
Funeral Reception Attendee - Sherri Pucci
Party Guest - Tonya Root
Meg - Sandra Winogrocki
Party Guest - Trina Wolfe
Party Guest - Deborah Yasment
Julie - Mariana Crasto
Officer Emma Peel - Teri Dukas
Police Shrink - Kat Flinspach
Stephen's Stepmom - Natasha R. Green
Funeral Reception Attendee - Karen Habel
Prostitute - Poppy Helgren
Party Guest - Clem Gonzaga
Funeral Reception Attendee - Jason R. Habel
Officer Smith - Robert Scott Howard
Jake - Luke (V) Jones
Little Girl's Father - Joey Kantor
Party Guest - George (VI) Kerr
Officer #1 - Tony Leo
Party Guest - Michael A. Martinez
Party Guest - Gregg Merrill
Walker - Legion Myers
Det. Knutt - Ted Myre
Stephen's Boss - Dave Narramore
Rose's Dad - Buddy Barnett
Used Car Customer - Les Belbot
Land Developer - Lonnie Paul
Funeral Reception Attendee - Roy C. Peterson
Funeral Reception Attendee - Roc Pucci
Stephen - Kyle (IV) Richards
Party Guest - Somniatives
Joey - Jess Thompson
Det. Haines - Matt Thomsen
Det. Johnson - Scott (VI) Brown
Funeral Reception Attendee - Jon (I) Carmichael
Dr. Rydstrom - Jeff Cartwright
Sgt. Admonte - Danny Countess
Kevin - Ash Dauenhauer
Party Guest - Allan Demarest
Party Guest - Robert DiFrancesco
Stephen's Nephew - Brandon Fabr�
Vincent - Lou Fabr�

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