What are the characters in Rosine movie

The characters in Rosine movie are
Francine - Ma�t� Maill�
Chantal - Christine Murillo
Herself - Rosine (I)
Marie - Mathilde Seigner
Yasmina's mother - Fatima Tebiche
Yasmina - Aur�lie V�rillon
Rosine - Elo�se Charretier
Violent father's son - Serge Gasperowicz
Young boy - Alexandre Jouglet
Violent father - Guy Krol
Waiter at Picpain - Laurent (I) Lambert
Photographer - Andr� Linder
Teacher - Jacques Mazeran
Andr? - Thomas Mollet
Pierre - Laurent Olmedo
Armand - Louis Queste
Himself - Jean Rochefort
Pierre's friend - Jo�l Sauvage
Michel - Dominique Tissot
Priest Jacques - Jacques-Anthony Vienne
Francine's friend - Michel Choqueriaux
MC at the dancing - Bruno Cuvelier
Francine's friend - Pascal (I) Fournier

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