What are the characters in Roughshod movie

The characters in Roughshod movie are
Josephine Hamiltoon - Ruth Renick
Josephine Hamiltoon - Ruth Renick
Helen Carter - Myrna Dell
Elaine Wyatt - Jeff Donnell
Betty Lawson - Helen (I) Ferguson
Mary Wells - Gloria Grahame
Ma Wyatt - Sara Haden
Marcia - Martha Hyer
Sam Ellis - Stanley (I) Andrews
Lednov - John (I) Ireland
Steve Phillips - Claude Jarman Jr.
'Steel' Brannon - Buck (I) Jones
Denver - Charles Le Moyne
Fowler - Sean (I) McClory
Pa (Ed) Wyatt - James (I) Bell
Les Artwell - Jack Rollens
Peters - Steve (I) Savage
Clay Phillips - Robert (I) Sterling
McCall - Robert (I) Williams
Mr. Hayes, the Merchant - Paul E. Burns
Sheriff Gardner - Ed (I) Cassidy
Jim Clayton - George (VIII) Cooper
Jed Graham - Jeff (I) Corey
'Satan' Latimer - Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn

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