What are the characters in S1m0ne movie

The characters in S1m0ne movie are
Premiere Audience Member - Carole Androsky
Simone Lookalike - Claudia (I) Jordan
Elaine Christian - Catherine Keener
Premiere Audience Member - Mitzi Martin
Drunk Woman - Jaehne Moebius
Entertainment Reporter - Maureen Mueller
Talk Show Host #1 - Teresa Parente
Corel - Deborah (I) Rawlings
Simone - Rachel (III) Roberts
Faith - Rebecca Romijn
Corel - Deborah (I) Rawlings
Simone - Rachel (III) Roberts
Faith - Rebecca Romijn
Claris - Christina Rydell
Nicola Anders - Winona Ryder
Jane - Jenni (I) Blong
Katie Crom - Camille Wainwright
Lainey Christian Taransky - Evan Rachel Wood
Party Guest #3 - Nancy (III) Young
Reporter - Andi Carnick
Premiere Audience Member - Lisa Cerasoli
Lotus - Susan Chuang
Little Kid - Lily Cunningham
Little Kid - Meave Cunningham
Woman - Diane Hudock
Premiere Audience Member - Jolie Jenkins
Frank Brand - Stanley Anderson
Reporter - Edward C. Gillow
Reporter - James (II) Gleason
Movie Theater Patron - Phil Hawn
Premiere Audience Member - Darin Heames
Talk Show Host #2 - Bill A. Jones
Hank Aleno - Elias (I) Koteas
Valet Manager - Alan Loayza
Reporter - Keith MacKechnie
Diver - Chris (I) Marley
Hal Sinclair - Jay Mohr
Rabbi - Moss Mossberg
VBC Anchor - Alec Murdock
Mac - Robert Musgrave
Premiere Audience Member - Christopher Neiman
Detective - Charles Noland
Hotel Concierge - Hal Ozsan
Viktor Taransky - Al (I) Pacino
Walter, Security Guard - Barry Papick
Studio Executive #3 - Ron (I) Perkins
Kent - Jeffrey (I) Pierce
Concert Technician #1 - Brad 'Chip' Pope
Premiere Audience Member - Adrian R'Mante
Studio Executive #2 - Jim Rash
Production Assistant - Benjamin Salisbury
Reporter - Richard Saxton
Milton - Jason Schwartzman
Concert Technician #2 - Gordon (I) Simmons
Hewlett - Rod (I) Simmons
Reporter - Mark (VI) Thompson
Priest - Clyde Tull
Max Sayer - Pruitt Taylor Vince
Chief Detective - Daniel von Bargen
Studio Executive #1 - Darnell (I) Williams
Man in Suit - Jeff (I) Williams
Studio Executive - Henry D. Zapata
Man - Alex Boling
Reporter - Vincent (I) Boling
Paparazzi Photographer - Lombardo Boyar
Premiere Audience Member - Derrex Brady
Concert Goer - Jim Brockhohn
Concert Promoter - Christopher Comes
Echo Photographer - Chris Coppola
Lenny - Tony (I) Crane
Bernard, Lawyer - Sean (II) Cullen
Premiere Audience Member - Patrick J. Dancy
Monk - Daniel (I) Do
Theater Owner - David Doty
Arresting Officer - Ronnie W. Elliot Sr.

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