What are the characters in Sammy and Rosie Get Laid movie

The characters in Sammy and Rosie Get Laid movie are
Party guest - Jude Alderson
Eva's Baby - Agnes Laye
Vivia - Suzette Llewellyn
Margy - Lesley Manville
Woman in Kitchen - Cynthia Powell
Japanese Woman - Magussi Shimanuki
Rani - Meera Syal
Mother - Cleo Sylvestre
Rosie Hobbs - Frances Barber
Alice - Claire (I) Bloom
Bridget - Tessa Wojtczak
Pizzicata Sisters - Anne (I) Wood
Danny's Girlfriend - Valerie Buchanan
Property Developer's Wife - Carol Frazer
Anna - Wendy Gazelle
Eva - Emer Gillespie
Party Guest - Jane Gurnett
Pizzicata Sisters - Anna Hemery
Drag Artiste - Allan Adebisi
Asian Accountant - Tariq Alibai
Danny/Victoria - Roland Gift
Restaurant Manager - Gerard Horan
Gardener's Boy - Maurice O. Iley
Rafi Rahman - Shashi (I) Kapoor
Property Developer - Peter (I) Kelly
Sammy - Ayub Khan-Din
Semiotics Professor - Colin MacCabe
Father - Allister Bain
Tory M.P - Nicholas (I) Pritchard
Michael - Ade Sapara
Young Policeman - Mark Sproston
Ghost - Badi Uzzaman
Ringerman - Buster Bloodvessel
Son - Freddie Brooks
Asian Shopkeeper - Dennis Conlon
Danny's Boy - Paul (I) Daley
Deaf Young Man - Patrick (III) David

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