What are the characters in Sarina\'s Song movie

The characters in Sarina\'s Song movie are
Party Guest - Lola Akinola
Maggie - Margot Kidder
Party Guest - Kathy Patterson
Elizabeth - Sarina's Granddaughter - Tamar Pelzig
Party Guest - Christina Rahn
Party Guest - Emma Robbins
Party Guest - Christina Rahn
Party Guest - Emma Robbins
Party Guest - Kristen Seavey
Dancer - Katie Tarbox
Party Guest - Shauna Torres
Violinist - Estelle Bajou
Dancer - Barbara G. Barclay
Party Guest - Kirsten Vangsness
Dancer - Lisa Vogel
Party Guest - Maryam Yourish
Sarina Berkley - Megan Channell
Party Guest - Demitry Edwards
Dancer - Martha Estevez
Sarina Berkley - Present Day - Rosina Fernhoff
Party Guest - Stephanie Gere
Opening Couple - Mariam Izmaylova
Party Guest - Troy (I) Gochenour
Dancer - Paul Jurczyk
Bartender - Mike (LI) Kelly
Head Server - Matt (III) Kessler
Party Guest - Joe (VIII) Lopez
Sailor - Marshall Axt
Charles Berkeley - Michael (I) O'Keefe
Dancer - John Perazzo
Party Guest - Joe Rupert
William Smith - Francesco Saviano
Sam Harrington - Martin Soole
Party Guest - Mike (I) Suczewski
Party Guest - Wesley Tunison
Party Guest - Chris von Hoffmann
Party Guest - Justin (VI) Bennett
Dancer - Robert Blank
Opening Couple - Ronen Zhinstein
Willie Dupont - Michael (I) Buscemi
Phillipe - Mauricio (I) Bustamante
Pianist - David Cieri
George Harrington - Ashton Crosby
Dancer - Nikolas Czarnecki
Party Guest - Peter Falcetti

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