What are the characters in Selfish movie

The characters in Selfish movie are
Ana Rivera - Tania Aleman
Party Guest - Rene Michelle Aranda
Vrouw van Tim - Marleen Mathews
Party Guest - Tiffany McFadden
Angel's Daughter - Courtney (I) Rose
Angel's Daughter - Courtney (I) Rose
Leverancier - Kim Sliggers
Reporter - Suwon Weaver
Jessie Shore - Maryam Cn�
Dr. Chiara Rossi - Carissa (I) Dalton
Kat - Willa Darian
Female Prostitute - Gina Gheller
Lauren - Laura Gingerich
Officer Harris - Hartford Haffenreffer
Tim - Robin Hagens
James Ardent - Alex (XXIX) King
Roman Caspari - Chris (I) Labadie
Party Guest - Jamshid Atashband
Party Guest - Eric (III) Parks
Kees Neumann - Jochgem Rietdijk
Angel - Omar Scanu
Shark - Beny Schwarzt
Party Guest - Soheil Shahri
Party Guest - Richard (IV) Briggs

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