What are the characters in Shaken Daddy Syndrome movie

The characters in Shaken Daddy Syndrome movie are
Barfly - Jessica Arnett
Barfly - Katrina Kellogg
Barfly - Ayla Ludwig
Party Guest - Angela (VI) Martin
Eleanor - Allyson Miko
Melanie - Michelle Mocini
Michelle - Jenny (III) Montgomery
Barfly - Norine Montgomery
Party Guest - Emily Piellusch
Lucy - Maggie Piellusch
Party Guest - Cindy Sarquiz
Barfly - Brittany (II) Slater
Barfly - Nikki Swartz
Call Girl - Liza Zaczek
Disgusted Couple - Lindsay Bosel
Valerie - Linda Brenton
Malibu - Allecia Champion
Sarah - Emily (II) Deering
Barfly - Ellery Doolen
Call Girl - Courtney Frisbie
Barfly - Marly Green
Barfly - Jennifer Grove
Party Guest - Pam Harrison
Norbie's Mariachi - Nathaniel Abernathy
Party Guest - Matt Grauman
Porno Director - Greg (III) Green
Party Guest - Dylan Hackworth
Party Guest - Mark (XI) Harrison
Porno Boom Operator - Jake Heethuis
Bully #1 - Gregory Hepburn
Eric - Pedro Hogan
Barfly - John (XII) Irwin
Party Guest - Josh (X) Martin
Party Guest - Shane (V) Martin
Eric - Davin Martinez
Barfly - Jim (VII) Montgomery
Party Guest - Jack Bargo
Party Guest - Curtis Orr
Happy Couple - Kevin (III) Park
Party Guest - Alex (IV) Pearson
Party Guest - Phillip Pearson
Party Guest - Robert Piellusch
Party Guest - Chad Sarquiz
Party Guest - Gary Sarquiz
Party Guest - Matt Sarquiz
Zach - Chad A. Shelton
Tristan - Tyler Thornton
Barfly - Matt Van Beck
Barfly - Pete Weir
Porno Cameraman - Andy Westra
Disgusted Couple - Dane Bosel
Cousin Mike - Dane Covey
Wayne - Scotty (II) Cox
Barfly - Aaron (II) Curtis
Barfly - Benjamin (III) Davidson
Chad - Robert (VI) Davidson
Norbie St. Cloud - William Ellwood
Party Guest - Jason Emmert
Happy Couple - Arlen (I) Farmer
Barfly - Nicholas Fate
Party Guest - Derek Felton
Norbie's Mariachi - Eric (III) Flint

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