What are the characters in Shamelessly She-Hulk movie

The characters in Shamelessly She-Hulk movie are
Other Jennifer Walters - Henree Alyse
Popular sorority girl - Veronica (I) Kelly
Young Jennifer Walters - Madelyn Kish
Jill Davis - Monique La Barr
Louise 'Weezi' Mason - Sharon (II) Mahoney
Police officer, Jen double - Carrie Newell
Nurse - Mickie Banyas
Natasha Romanoff - Vera Vanguard
Psychologist - Claire Carroll
Jennifer Walters - Lesley Donne
Mary MacPherran - Erica Edd
Jennifer Walters - Kierstyn Elrod
Young Girl - MacKenzie (I) Holcomb
Young Girl - Taylor Holcomb
Rick Jones - Boomie Aglietti
Director/Morbius - Garrett Gilchrist
Wilbur Day - Landall Goolsby
Davey Kraft - Gavin (VI) Graham
Arresting Officer - J. Jesse Harley
Mikey Vosburg - Benjamin Will Hetzel
Igor - Thomy Kessler
Superman/Punisher - Travis Kraft
Police Officer - Mike (I) Lynn
Sheriff Morris Walters - Mike Muscat
Bruce Banner/Peter Parker - John Nania
Guy at Sorority Party - Jax Austin
Guy at Sorority Party - Chinmay Panchal
Daniel 'Zapper' Ridge - David Pintado
Vampire/Cop/Hawaiian Shirt Thug - Paul Rogus
Guy at Sorority Party - Siddharta Shah
Eric Brooks - Billy (XIII) Smith
Hired Assassin - Jered Solow
Buck Bukowski - Spike Spencer
Trask's goon - Joseph (I) Sun
Trask's goon - Ryan J. Uggla-Roth
Nick Trask - Alex Vetangle
Producer - Jason (XI) Waters
Ernie - Michael Woolston
Hired Assassin - Andrew (I) DeCarlo
Bert - Danilo Di Julio
Batman - Carter (V) Edwards

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