What are the characters in Sharpshooter movie

The characters in Sharpshooter movie are
Ethel - Shirley Saunders
Amy - Catherine Mary Stewart
Mourner at Mausoleum - Jasmine Bejar
Bikini Babe - Victoria De Mare
Sheriff's Assistant - Alyce Heath
Gordon - Lee (V) Anthony
Roscoe - Mike Grief
Bhan - Nick Hermz
Carson - Stacey Hinnen
Secuity Guard - Kurt (II) Meyer
Security Henchman - Chris Muto
Steve - Jim (I) Palmer
Deputy Merrill - Dave Power
Hostage Walker - John Prosky
Aiig - Dominic Rains
Commando - Michael Ray Reed
Ziggy - Lee Reherman
Dillon - James Remar
Richard Phillips - Al Sapienza
Flick - Mario Van Peebles
Commando - Vincent Vescio
Jake - Andre (I) Ware
Henchman - Roy James Wilson
Sheriff Graham - Bruce Boxleitner
Cinq - Jon Braver
Flick's Guy - Kaine Bennett Charleston
Andre - McKinley Freeman

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