What are the characters in Shout movie

The characters in Shout movie are
Girl's Home Director - Julie Ariola
Additional Voices - Lee Arnone
Additional Voices - Shirley (I) Jordan
Rebecca - Gwyneth Paltrow
Rachel - Kristina Simonds
Girl in Bar - Renee Tenison
Additional Voices - Catherine Battistone
Orphanage Cook/Additional Voices - Paula (I) Bellamy-Franklin
Singer - Linda M. Womack
Additional Voices - Elizabeth Anne Bowen
Additional Voices - Claudette Duffy
Additional Voices - Mary Ellen Dunbar
Sadie - Sarah Figoten
Molly - Linda Fiorentino
Additional Voices - Val�rie Franco
Sara Benedict - Heather (I) Graham
Additional Voices - Angel (I) Harper
Additional Voices - Bridget Hoffman
Additional Voices - Kirsten Holmquist
Loretta - Michelle (I) Johnston
Additional Voices - Keith (I) Anthony
Additional Voices - Rod (I) Gist
Additional Voices - David (I) Glasser
Minister - Redmond Gleeson
Travis Parker - Sam Hennings
Young Bell Ringer - Jeremy (I) Jackson
Eugene Benedict - Richard (I) Jordan
Additional Voices - Marcello Krakoff
The masked man - Max Leonida
The journalist - Frank (I) Messina
Midnight Rider - James (I) Avery
Big Boy - Michael Bacall
Mr. Hawkins - Patrik Baldauff
Henry - Barry (II) O'Neil
Alan - Glenn (I) Quinn
Deputy - Charles (III) Taylor
Jack Cabe - John (I) Travolta
Bandstand M.C. - Jerry Tullos
Toby - Francis von Zerneck
Jesse Tucker - Jamie (I) Walters
Orphan - Thom Ward
Lead Singer - Cecil D. Womack
Additional Voices - Bob (I) Bergen
Orphan - Chris Blasman
Grandpa - Allen Bloomfield
Additional Voices - Roger Aaron Brown
Bradley - Scott (I) Coffey
Additional Voices - Alex (I) Daniels
Additional Voices - William O. Dekle
Additional Voices - Roger DeWitt
Additional Voices - Carlo Lonny Eaton
Additional Voices - Tom Fahn
Eyes - Charles Fowlkes

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