What are the characters in Showers of Happiness movie

The characters in Showers of Happiness movie are
Party Guest - Andrea Ashford
Party Guest - Lisa Lewy
Party Guest - Joelle Matilsky
Party Guest - Loretta Napolitano
Rose - Charlotte Patton
Party Guest - Lisa Peluso
Party Guest - Andrea Prendamano
Party Guest - Devra Rafeld
Party Guest - Devra Rafeld
Tori - Christina Scaglione
Maggie - Kim (IV) Schultz
Harried Mom - Cherie Shefferman
Big Sister - Emily Shefferman
Screaming Child - Raya Shefferman
Iris - Jana Siclair
Party Guest - Terri Sturtevant
Party Guest - Karla Teevin
Gabby - Rosalie Tenseth
Joan - Carol (I) Todd
Party Guest - Elisabeth Baker
Danielle - Anny Baquero
Pharmacy Clerk - Jaye Barre
Party Guest - Beverly (IV) Webb
Party Guest - Jennifer (II) Weir
Party Guest - Maureen Weir
Party Guest - Karen Cecilia
Party Guest - Kathy (VI) Clark
Party Guest - Kelly (IV) Conrad
Party Guest - Lauren Delaney
Party Guest - Aileen Doherty
Jackie - Catherine Eaton
Party Guest - Jennifer Gong
Party Guest - Michelle Hachey
Bingo Winner - Rose-Marie Hachey
Misbehaving Boy - Ian Hachey
Misbehaving Boy - Jacob Hachey
Dot - Abbie Killeen
Little Girl - Elizabeth Bondulich
Balloon Delivery Guy - Leon Ferguson III

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