What are the characters in Sir! No Sir! movie

The characters in Sir! No Sir! movie are
Herself - Essie Love
Herself - Rita Martinson
Herself - Louise Monaco
Herself - Mildred Parker
Herself - Susan (I) Schnall
Herself - Susan (II) Schnall
Herself - Verna Blossomgame
Herself - Jane Fonda
Himself - Michael (I) Alaimo
Narrator - Troy Garity
Himself - Steve (III) Goldsmith
Himself - Halim Karim Gullahbemi
Himself - Oliver (I) Hirsch
Himself - John Huyler
Himself - Terry Iverson
Himself - Henry Kissinger
Himself - John Lamboke
Himself - Jerry Lembcke
Himself - Howard (II) Levy
Himself - Keith Mather
Himself - Don L. May
Himself - Ron McMahan
Himself - Hal Muskat
Colonel Heinl - Edward Asner
Himself - Joe Bangert
Himself - Richard Nixon
Himself - Greg Payton
Himself - Randy Rowland
Himself - Bill (I) Short
Himself - Billy Dean Smith
John J. Rambo - Sylvester Stallone
Himself - Darnell Stephen (I) Summers
Himself - Donald (I) Sutherland
Himself - Joseph Urgo
Himself - Terry Whitmore
Himself - Michael (IX) Wong
Himself - Tom (III) Bernard
Himself - Dave Blalock
Himself - Richard (V) Boyle
Himself - David (III) Cline
Himself - Walter (I) Cronkite
Himself - Donald (IV) Duncan
Himself - Ed Eskelson
Himself - Louis Font

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