What are the characters in Skagerrak movie

The characters in Skagerrak movie are
Dream Child - Nathalie Olofsson
Landlady - Alison Peebles
Stella - Helen Baxendale
Sophie - Bronagh Gallagher
Housekeeper - Kay Gallie
Marie - Iben Hjejle
Dream Child - Peter (II) Andersson
Roman - Scott Handy
Ian/Ken - Martin (I) Henderson
Priest - Russell (I) Hunter
Drunk Man in Pub - Maxwell Kay
Willy - Gary (III) Lewis
Thomas - Simon McBurney
Dream Husband - G�ran Parkrud
Dream Child - Ludvig (I) Svensson
Gabriel - Ewen (I) Bremner
Dr. Meisling - Tam Dean Burn
Guy on Boat - ship Captain - George (III) Carson
Robert - James Cosmo
Undertaker - Andrew Dallmeyer

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