What are the characters in Skels movie

The characters in Skels movie are
Lucy - Nina Bena-Ashe
Amy Watson - Krisen Vogelsong
Amy Watson - Kristin Vogelsong
The Head - Gabby Weigel
Jenny Little - Donisha Brown
Sarah Murphy - Denise (II) Capuano
Annie Murphy - Erin (I) Cunningham
Grace - Joanna Herrington
Tyrone Johnson - Morris Haynes
Jimmy Murphy - Bill Humphreys
Junkie - Bob (VII) Jackson
Terry Logan - Christopher (I) Logan
Terry Donavan - Christopher (V) Logan
Wade Little - Mills Jr.
Mike Murphy - Max (I) Murphy
Railroad Jay - Justin (I) Osterthaler
John Murphy - Thaddeus Schneider
Robbie Jackson - Hisham Tawfiq
Hector - Antonio Tomahawk
Husband - Marc (I) Cameron
Frank Cardino - Frank Cortese
Angel Melendez - Sammy DeSilva

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