What are the characters in Sky Pilot movie

The characters in Sky Pilot movie are
Wife - Lesha Montoya
Girl - Deanna Rooney
Girl - Deanna Rooney
Pom - Andy Bellamy
Girl in Towel - Nora Wieternik
Blonde Hitchhiker - Orita De Chadwick
Jeanie Kelly - Sandy Dempsey
Sgt. Lennox - Trevor Algatt
Husband - Andrew (I) Johnson
Harry Potter - Woody Lee
Pvt. Eton - Daniel Shawn Miller
Pvt. Ross - Randy Bautista
Sky Pilot - Johnny Pemberton
Meridian Leewood - Ryan Ridley
Lt. Palmer - Alex Vetangle
Fred - Adam (IV) Ward
Third Place Runner - Todd (I) Bishop
Bartender - Bert (I) Davis
Paul's Friend - Alex (I) Elliot

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