What are the characters in Smith\'s Modiste Shop movie

The characters in Smith\'s Modiste Shop movie are
Tall Woman in Modiste Shop - Billie Latimer
The Seamstress - Alice Lyndon
Minor Role - Betty (III) Martin
The Sailor's Sweetheart - Mary Mayberry
Minor Role - Ruth (I) Taylor
The Mayor's Wife - Alma (I) Bennett
Mabel Smith - Ruth (I) Hiatt
The Fat Lady - Mamie Hicks
Bubbles Smith - Mary Ann Jackson
Double - Ernie (I) Alexander
Mr. Tatting - the Fitter - George (I) Gray
Minor Role - Barney Hellum
Minor Role - Tommy Hicks
Minor Role - Patrick (V) Kelly
The Sailor - Marvin Loback
Minor Role - William (I) McCall
Jimmy Smith - Raymond McKee
Minor Role - Irving Bacon
The Dog - Balto
Double - Frankie Simonds
Double - George Speer
Double - Orvis Thomas
Minor Role - Claude Townsend
Minor Role - John Cannons
Minor Role - Andy (I) Clyde
Minor Role - Guy Courtsight
Mayor Peter Perkins - Vernon Dent
Double - Hubert Diltz

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