What are the characters in Smith\'s Restaurant movie

The characters in Smith\'s Restaurant movie are
Minor Role - Gloria (II) Lee
Minor Role - Carole (I) Lombard
Minor Role - Mary Mayberry
Minor Role - Helen (IX) Miller
Minor Role - Pat (I) Moyer
The Waitress - Daphne Pollard
Minor Role - Margaret Rimkus
Minor Role - Margaret Rimkus
Minor Role - Valery Schramm
Minor Role - Wanda Sibbald
Minor Role - Alice (I) Ward
Minor Role - Kathrin Clare Ward
Big Diner's Date - Madalynne Field
Mabel Smith - Ruth (I) Hiatt
Bubbles Smith - Mary Ann Jackson
Minor Role - Ernie (I) Alexander
Minor Role - Charles Hamme
Customer - Barney Hellum
Minor Role - Patrick (V) Kelly
Minor Role - Joe Kessel
Minor Role - Len Lauder
Ticket Taker - William (I) McCall
Jimmy Smith - Raymond McKee
Minor Role - Irving Bacon
Balto the Dog - Balto
Minor Role - Paul (IX) Ross
The Waitress's Boyfriend - William Searby
Minor Role - Albert (II) Whitlock
Prospective Buyer - Andy (I) Clyde
Big Diner - Vernon Dent

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