What are the characters in Some Like It Hot movie

The characters in Some Like It Hot movie are
Trumpet Player - Penny McGuiggan
Flo Saunders - Una Merkel
Small Role - Laurie Mitchell
Sugar Kane Kowalczyk - Marilyn Monroe
Band Member - Colleen O'Sullivan
Rosella - Helen (I) Perry
Flower Woman - Tempe Pigott
Lily Racquel - Shirley (I) Ross
Sweet Sue - Joan Shawlee
Emily - Sandra (I) Warner
Band Member - Grace Lee Whitney
Dolores - Beverly (I) Wills
Mrs. Beckett - Nora Cecil
Olga - Marian Collier
Voice-over specialist - Debi Diamond
Nellie - Barbara Drew
Band Member - Joan Fields
Band Member - Mary (I) Foley
Miss Marble - Bernadene Hayes
Gangster with Charlie - Jack (I) Gordon
Sig Poliakoff - Billy (II) Gray
Mobster at Banquet - Joe (I) Gray
Official #2 - Harold 'Tommy' Hart
Official #1 - Ted (I) Hook
Nicky Nelson - Bob (I) Hope
Barker - Russell (I) Hopton
Waiter - John Indrisano
Man in Waiting Room - Eddie (I) Kane
Bouncer - Tom (I) Kennedy
Orchestra - Gene Krupa and His Orchestra
Himself - Gene Krupa
Small Role - George (I) Lake
Jerry - Jack Lemmon
Small Role - John (II) Logan
Small Role - Tiger Joe Marsh
Small Role - Jack (I) Mather
Spats' Henchman - Mike Mazurki
Spats' Henchman - Jack (I) McClure
Stephen Hanratty - Bernard Nedell
Extra - Sam (I) Bagley
Harry, Piano Player - Harry Barris
Beinstock - Dave (I) Barry
Party Guest - Brandon Beach
Det. Mulligan - Pat (I) O'Brien
Small Role - Joe Palma
Little Bonaparte - Nehemiah Persoff
Pancake Man - Russ (I) Powell
Spats Colombo - George Raft
Fresh Bellboy - Danny Richards Jr.
Johnny Paradise - Edward G. Robinson Jr.
Old Man - Scott (I) Seaton
Drunk - Fred (I) Sherman
Small Role - Carl Sklover
Joe - Hamburger Man - J. Scott Smart
Speakeasy Patron - Bert (I) Stevens
Toothpick Charlie - George E. (I) Stone
Sailor Burke/The Living Corpse - Frank Sully
Speakeasy Patron - Arthur Tovey
Small Role - Ralph Volkie
Mozzarella - Tito Vuolo
Small Role - Billy Wayne
Flo's Partner - Pat (I) West
Bass Fiddler - Wayne 'Tiny' Whitt
Mr. Ives - Clarence (I) Wilson
Spats' Henchman - Harry (I) Wilson
Bellhop - Al Breneman
Osgood Fielding III - Joe E. Brown
Cook - Jack (I) Chapin
Small Role - Ted Christy
Spats' Henchman - Pat Comiskey
Joe - Tony (I) Curtis
Stoney - Rufe Davis
MacCrady - Edgar Dearing
Man - Bobby Dease
Mr. Weems - Richard (I) Denning
Sam - Dudley Dickerson
Gangster Convention Greeter - James Dime
Gangster at Convention - Duke Fishman
Radio Announcer - Byron Foulger
Funeral Director/Speakeasy Waiter - Paul Frees

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