What are the characters in Somebody Loves Me movie

The characters in Somebody Loves Me movie are
Specialty Dancer - Bea Allen
Maid in 'Rose Room' Number - Jeni Le Gon
Pretty Girl - Irene (III) Martin
Anytime - Vivian (I) Mason
Spectator - June McCall
Patron - Lillian Porter
Patron - Louise Saraydar
Essie - Billie Bird
Minor Role - Sue (I) Casey
Nightclub Extra - Bess Flowers
Jean - Virginia (I) Hall
Blossom 'Bloss' Seeley - Betty (I) Hutton
Manicurist - Jill (I) Jackson
Nola Beach - Adele Jergens
Western Union Boy - Nick (I) Adams
Bootblack - Julius Aicardi
Man in Audience - Dick (I) Gordon
Expressman - Len Hendry
Stage Manager - James (I) Hope
Musician - Jerry (I) James
Dealer - Howard Joslin
Sam Doyle - Robert (I) Keith
Pianist - Donald (I) Kerr
Bellhop - Norman Leavitt
Doctor - Kenneth (I) MacDonald
Man at Party - Anthony (I) Marsh
Mike Fritzol - Sydney Mason
Ben 'Benny' Fields - Ralph Meeker
Barber - Joseph Mell
Janitor - Karl (II) Miller
Stage Manager - Ralph Montgomery
Musician - Benny Baker
French Soldier - Charles O'Curran
Doctor - Milton Parsons
Man in Audience - Charles Quirk
Minor Role - Jack (II) Richardson
Painter - Harry (III) Rose
Musician - Dick (I) Ryan
Frazer - Ralph (I) Sanford
Ticket Taker - John (I) Sheehan
Clerk - Fred (I) Sherman
Forrest - Henry Slate
Mr. D.J. Grauman - Ludwig St�ssel
Elevator Man - Gus Taillon
Harry Lake - Sid Tomack
Musician - John Trebach
Chimp Trainer - Henry Tyndall
Lipscott - Theatrical Booker - Herb Vigran
Harry the Barber - Tito Vuolo
Jack Benny - Jack Benny
Conductor - Harris Brown
Auto Salesman - John (I) Brown
Drunk - Jack (III) Bruce
Painter - Bob (I) Carney
Call Boy - Jock Casasus
Stagehand - George (I) Chandler
Dancers - Chez Paree Adorables
Specialty Dancer - Les (I) Clark
Candy Butcher - James (I) Cornell
Master of Ceremonies - Jimmy (I) Cross
Man in Barbershop - Hal K. Dawson
Waiter - Lester Dorr
Dealer - Jimmie Dundee
Orchestra Leader - Carli Elinor
Waiter - Franklyn Farnum

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