What are the characters in Space Cadet movie

The characters in Space Cadet movie are
Evil Nurse - Leila J. Babson
Mother - Roxanne Y. Morse
Grandmother - May Stroshane
Sarah - Emily Vermule
Linda Agnello - Jessica (I) Hecht
Neighbour - Sputsie Hanifin
Neighbour - Sputzi Hanifin
John - Michael (III) Hanna
Bar Patron #1 - Jordan McGill
Arsenio - Mint
Officer Polito - Mark Sarian
Burglar - Johnny Serret
Adam Agnello - Kenny (I) Sosnowski
Band Member - David (XCVIII) White
Bum - Kevin (I) Cannon
Grandpa - David (VII) Chang
Band Member - Reed Chronis
Sophie Agnello - Danielle (VIII) Cohen
Paul Agnello - Brian D'Addario
Nick Agnello - Richard Edson
Officer McNevin - Jamie Effros

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