What are the characters in Space Girls in Beverly Hills movie

The characters in Space Girls in Beverly Hills movie are
Space Girl - Christi Adams
Space Girl - Trudy Adams
Girl in Gallery - Elaine Bacall
Party Guest - Ginarae Badagliacco
Party Guest - Vanessa Knight
Party Guest - Lisa Kollenberg
Space Girl - Linda (II) Kramer
Interior Designer - Lynne Langdon
News Reporter - Cindy Marinangel
Queen Tarina Child #2 - Abriana M. Meazzo
Queen Tarina Child #1 - Alexandra Meazzo
Space Girl - Erin (III) Miller
Dixie - Cassie (I) Moore
Trixie - Maille Moore
Rayan - Allie (I) Moss
Party Guest - Chrissy Mountjoy
Space Girl - Melanie Nicole
Elaine - Jill Noel
Space Girl - Tiffany (II) Paige
Queen Tarina - Sabrina Parisi
Coed #1 - Lyssie Powell
Party Guest - Rebecca Ritz
Party Guest - Rebecca Ritz
Party Guest - Niki Shamai
Katanna - Donna Spangler
Space Girl - Irina (I) Stemer
Queen Ziba - Julie Strain
Wendy - GiGi Synder
Silica - Brittan Taylor
Mary - Karen Teliha
Party Guest - Lisa Udasco
Party Guest - Sarah (I) Blevins
Secretary - Veronica (I) Vasquez
Space Children - Andrianna Yochelson
Space Children - Samantha Yochelson
Space Girl - Anastasia Camras
Lady Elsa - Nancy Cronig
Galexina - Tracy Dali
Space Girl - Lunden De'Leon
Carrie - Jeanette (I) Driver
Nurse - Lisa Forester
Space Children - Socorro Gonzalez
Party Guest - Debra Grant
Party Guest - Diana (I) Herrera
Party Guest - Paula Imy
Trevor Von Benson - David Gangler
Party Guest - Jeffrey Goolst
Party Guest - Everett Hartstone
Party Guest - Benjamin Imy
Man in Boutique - Jerry Katell
Henchman #2 - John (XIII) Larkin
Party Guest - Tony (XVII) Lewis
Escort #1 - Darcy Ludwig
Officer Downs - Kevin McGraft
Party Guest - Michael Badagliacco
Party Guest - Boris Novak
Jed - Tony Renaudo
Gardener - Fredy Rodarte
Party Guest - Don (IV) Rose
Harold - Rich Rossi
Matre D - Phillip Sadella
Party Guest - Robert Selvin
Steve Patise - George (IV) Thomas
Henchman #1 - George (V) Warren
Party Guest - Steve Wexler
Higgins - Don Yanan
Dating Service Patron - Richard Benveniste
Professor Pinprick - Alex (I) Cobo
Baron Von Benson - Tim (I) Colceri
Party Guest - Mario Di Grato
Motorcycle Cop - James (I) Dickson

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